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i’m back…and so is people’s pops

April 20, 2010

photo from Nathalie Jordi

Oh, readers, where to start?  Many things have been keeping me from Lickin’ It this April: the brief 80 degree weather brought on swimsuit-season-panic, I weathered a momentary heartbreak, and my good ole 2003 ibook finally slowed to a crawl.  Sigh.  Seven years, one computer, that’s the longest relationship I’ve ever had, unless you could my obsessive and predatory relationship with ice cream.  Which draws me back here to you, and to my quest for the next badass scoop.  Bring it.

Some exciting news in the frozen dessert world this week – The People’s Pops (a summertime Brooklyn Flea fave) has opened shop in Chelsea Market.  Popsicles are a close second to ice cream in my book, and I dig their commitment to local, seasonal product and flavors.  Congrats to Nathalie & team – can’t wait to stop by.

Me and my sleek new MacBook Pro are off to Portland, OR for the week – it’s a great beer city – if the ice cream is good too I might have to move there.

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